About this Mama Bear

Hi, I’m Heidi. I’m a wife, mother, friend, school counselor, foodie, runner, and coffee aficionado. Most days you’ll find me moving a million miles an hour juggling all that life throws at me. It’s rare to see me without a smile on my face.

If life were a sandwich, I’d be the jelly side- fresh, sweet, and full of color. My husband would stand in as the peanut butter- smooth, strong, and layered just right. I am the emotional thinker while he is the logical one. This can make for an incredibly unique dynamic. Even after three years together, I still don’t think he knows what to do when the floodgates open and I start to cry.

My emotionality and empathy make me a great counselor, mother, and friend. Motherhood has proven to be one of the greatest joys in my life. My heart just has so much love for my two beatiful boys. I am currently a school counselor at a Catholic school in Northwest Houston. I work with students, teachers, and parents in grades PK3 through 8th grade. I am also working towards obtaining the hours required by the state of Texas to become a Licensed Professional Counselor. Helping others is an incredibly rewarding profession. Friendship is something I value so much. I have an incredible circle of friends who teach, inspire, and love me, faults and all.

Food is something I am very passionate about. I love cooking and sharing meals with my family and friends. I live in the Houston area, which has some of the most incredible restaurants. I’ll definitely have to do a blog post of some of my favorite dining destinations in town.

I’m lucky that I am also an avid distance runner as this helps counterbalance the calories from all of the amazing food I indulge in. I’ll be the first to admit though that moderation is key in all aspects of life. Before pregnancy, I competed locally in everything from 5Ks to ultra marathons. I made incredible friends sharing miles upon miles of long runs, laughs, and blisters. Now I sneak my runs in after the baby is asleep for the night or while pushing him in the baby jogger. My perspective has changed at least for now, but I still have a few personal bests to chase down after Atticus is a few years older.

Coffee is one of the best parts of my morning. I love the ritual of sipping a steeping hot cup of coffee with my husband or children in company. When meeting friends, there is nothing I like more than catching up over a latte or a mocha. At work, I usually enjoy a second cup of coffee as I check email or have a morning meeting with my principal. Coffee always sets the tone for a great day!