Difficult Decisions

In life, “there are no accidents!” “Everything happens for a reason.” These adages may seem overused and even a little cliche, and yet they can truly be poignant in their own right.

I bring these well-known quotes up today because a very unexpected opportunity recently fell into my lap. I’ll elaborate in more detail in a future post, but I’m not in a position to publicly address this opportunity just yet. Now I find myself discerning over a very important life decision that up until last Friday wasn’t even on my radar. When I find myself face-to-face with a difficult decision, my first instinct is always to leave it in the hands of the Lord. He, after all, put this opportunity in front of me in the first place.

Decision making is something I struggle with even in the simplest of situations. “Should I order the French toast and bacon or the blueberry pancakes and sausage? Hmmm!” The last time I found myself pondering my breakfast options certainly wasn’t going to have life altering ramifications. So now faced with one of the biggest professional decisions, I find myself teetering a tight rope of indecision.

The aforementioned quotes I found on Google images last night encompass a wide array of the thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are weighing heavily on my heart. In revisiting this theme of difficult decision making, two quotes resonate the deepest within me and are pushing me to accept how this all fell into my lap in the first place.

“Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, know what’s even scarier? Regret.” I know I have to follow my heart and my intuition on this, but that doesn’t make the decision I need to make any easier.

“Sometimes you have to do what’s best for you and your life, not what’s best for everybody else.” This final quote reverberates loudly all around me because in my work as a counselor, I’m often acting off of what is best for everyone else.

So in the next few days as I discern, pray, and ultimately finalize an incredibly difficult decision, I will continue to circle back to “everything happens for a reason.” I ask that you please keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I turn it over to God.


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