Reframing my Mindset

It’s always difficult to transition back to work after a vacation or holiday. This year in particular though I was feeling a lot more angst about starting the new school year. I know a large part of my apprehension stemmed from the mommy guilt I felt about putting the boys back in daycare. Our carefree summer days of bonding, playing, and giggling would be replaced with a long list of emails and a trail of paperwork waiting for me in my office.

This school year brings a lot of change in the building. Several of my closer colleagues have left to pursue new teaching opportunities. Their absence now opens the door for a new wave of faculty and staff that I have yet to establish a rapport with. I know with time I will establish meaningful connections with them, but I think the overwhelming change within the building could be playing a large part in my current mindset for the new year.

Yesterday was my first official day back and let me just say that it started off with a lot of hiccups. Because I’ve been out the work routine for the last two months, I realized I hadn’t prepped my lunch the night before or cleaned all of my pumping supplies. I was running around the house a little frazzled trying to knock out my to do’s while I entertained Atticus with car noises, combed Liam’s hair and answered an overwhelming amount of questions that corresponded to what was on the news, and in the midst of all of this, put myself together. Coffee is a miracle worker!

We finally pulled out of the driveway at 8:00 a.m., but as I pulled up to their daycare I realized I’d missed the window for Liam to have breakfast there. Thinking fast, I put the car in reverse and told Liam we were moving donut day to this morning. Donuts are usually a Friday morning treat, but I needed a breakfast option, and I needed it now. Thank God for Shipley’s Drive Thru, vanilla donuts with sprinkles, and donut holes. Because let’s be real, I needed a little sugar to help me get moving too.

When I walked into my office, I realized I needed to do something drastic to help me reframe my mindset. As many of my closest friends will tell you, when I’m feeling uneasy about something I usually distract myself with a project of rather significant proportions to take the edge off. So on that note, I preceded to rearrange, declutter, and ultimately feng shui my office. Throwing away documents I’d inherited from counselor’s before me and changing up my workspace offered me with a brand new outlook on the school year. I am more ready to tackle the mountain of classroom accommodations that are waiting for me today because I feel more content about the space I get to work in.

Sometimes all you need is a dose of change to combat the change you might be resisting. For all I know, the donut holes could have helped me reframe my mindset but to walk away with more purpose and a sense of accomplishment, I’m going to chalk it up to my office makeover. Carpe Diem!

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