A Mama Bear Mentality

The psyche of a Mama Bear mentality can be downright exhausting. Pushing the boundaries in every facet of life while trying to balance the world on your shoulders is no easy feat. I’m guilty of carrying this Mama Bear mentality with me day in and day out- worrying about everyone else around me but often neglecting to remember myself.

In counseling, we always stress the importance of self-care. Taking care of yourself first so that you have the physical, mental, and emotional ability to take care of those who need you most. Most of the time, I have this part backwards. At home, I worry about my baby bears and meeting their every need. Are they loved, clothed, fed, bathed, happy….? At work, all of my energy goes into the needs of my students, teachers, parents, and principal.

love yourself

In life, there’s always someone or something who needs my attention and time. Is the laundry washed and folded? Is there food in the refrigerator? Did I lay out Liam’s clothes for tomorrow? Are the dishes washed and put away? Did I respond to all of my emails at work? Is my husband getting enough quality time with me? Is there, did I, have I…

I know I’m not the only Mama Bear walking this tight-rope called life. We’re all doing the absolute best we can, but yet we never seem to give ourselves enough credit for making the world around us better every single day in so many amazing ways. So today when you look in the mirror, beam with pride as you admire your Mama Bear badge with pride and honor. You are beautiful! You are amazing! You make the little people in your lives feel loved!

keep shining

When you look in the mirror, also pause for a minute to reflect on what you’ve done for yourself today. If you haven’t made time for you, give yourself permission to indulge in even the smallest pleasantry like a cup of coffee, a piece of dark chocolate, or a walk around the block. You do amazing things everyday because you put your family, friends, and coworkers first. But today, take a minute to honor the person holding it all together- YOU!

Motherhood can sometimes feel like a thankless job, but we do it because servanthood and selflessness are a part of the job description. The joy of touching the lives of those who matter the most to us is the fuel that propels us forward. To the Mama Bear in all of us, keep up the good work.

you have been

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