Safe & Sound

As Hurricane Harvey continues to dump massive amounts of rain on the Houston area, I wanted to update our family and friends of our status. We are safe, blessed to have power, and doing well. We narrowly escaped a tornado on Saturday afternoon and awoke to flooded streets this morning. So many Houstonians, however, are being forced to evacuate their homes because of rising flood waters or are enduring these terrible conditions without power or food.

morning view

Liam was scheduled to start kindergarten today but Cy-Fair ISD and most school districts in the area, including mine, have cancelled school through the Labor Day holiday. Last night as I tucked him in, he expressed great disappointment about not being able to start school. This morning instead of walking him down the hallway to his new classroom, Liam and I ventured out in our rain boots to assess the water conditions. The streets in our neighborhood are flooded but larger vehicles can pass through with caution. Sean and I recognize, though, that getting out of the neighborhood would be incredibly difficult with all of the rainfall we’ve had in the last 48 hours.

Like so many other residents in the area, we will ride it out; hopeful the rain subsides soon. The evolution of this waiting game wavers back and forth between patience and stir crazy. Being rained in, however, does come with plentiful opportunities for family bonding through play and conversation.


I continue to pray for those who are most in need. The men, women, and children whose entire world has been turned upside down by Harvey. In the coming days, this storm will continue to test our limits. Please keep everyone affected in your thoughts.

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