Where does the Time Go?

It’s hard to believe it’s been well over a month since my last blog post. Seriously, where does the time go? June has been a busy month sprinkled with equal amounts of work, play, and travel. To catch everyone up to speed here are some of our favorite summer highlights thus far.


Liam is the poster child for all things related to donuts. If he had it his way, he’d eat donuts every day for the rest of his life. With that being said, National Donut Day offered him the perfect excuse to down not one but two donuts to commemorate this unofficial national holiday. “Donut” look away, or he’ll likely snag yours too!



Arguably Liam had the most fun celebrating Sean’s 4oth birthday, especially because he helped make the cake and licked the bowl clean. He left no evidence of the chocolate cake in the bowl, but his face completely blew his cover!


A group text message fondly dubbed as the Texas Girls includes my mom, godmother, aunties, and cousin, Blaine. On a regular basis, our phones are blowing up as we swap stories, laughs, and pictures. It’s proven to be the best way to stay in touch with one another despite living in different states, cities, and time zones.

A few months ago we decided the Texas Girls needed a trip to bring us altogether to chismear (Spanish for to gossip), clink glasses, and bring our children together to play. The trip included a trek to Universal Studios with the older boys as our mothers and aunties watched Atticus and the twins. Blaine and I drove all the kiddos out to Tampa to take in the sights at the Florida Aquarium and let them splash around at their onsite splash pad.

Other fun highlights included great wine, amazing company, and lots of tears and laughter. One of the most special takeaways for me from this trip was that it truly is a gift when you realize your mother’s closest friends have also become some of your closest friends. Here’s to many more Texas Girls trips in the years to come!


The boys and I were happy to strike a pose on National Selfie Day. I think Liam was channeling one of his favorite storybook characters, Old Man Fookwire in Those Darn Squirrels. Atticus is always happy to smile for a selfie most likely because he’s still fascinated by his reflection on the camera screen. From angry mugs to sunny smiles, we covered a wide range of emotions in our selfie shot!



The rest of June has been a whirlwind of summer moments that include playing, splashing, cuddling, and laughing. Even with all of the toys in his nursery, Atticus’s favorite since our trip to Florida has been toting his brother’s suitcase around the house and neighborhood with him. Maybe subliminally he’s trying to tell me we need to go on another trip.

If Liam ruled the world, he’d be playing video games every waking moment of the day. Thankfully between gymnastics camp, field trips with Growing Scholar Montessori, and swimming lessons, he has plenty on his plate to keep him active and busy.

With a third of our summer in the books, we’re looking forward to what the next month brings our way. Hopefully I’ll be better about posting blogs with more frequency and not just summarizing our day-to-day adventures in a monthly recap. Here’s wishing you and yours fun in the sun this summer whether you live down the street, across the country, or across the pond!


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