The Icing on the Cake

Idioms are widely used in conversations between family, friends, and colleagues with regularity. These groups of words have a meaning that strays significantly from those of the individual words. In my day-to-day conversations, I often take for granted how confusing these phrases might be to the English language learner or my own seven year old, for that matter.

“Umm, mom. I’m not sure how it can be raining cats and dogs. All I see is a bunch of water?”

Because I’m always looking for unique blog content. I thought it might be fun to include some of my favorite idioms that I can find parallel with in my daily life. So lend me your ear as I go out on a limb. My hope is you will understand the method to my madness when it’s all said and done.

Birds of a feather flock together 


It makes perfect sense that people with similar passions find solidarity pursuing the things they love most in life. Interestingly my tribe of running buddies truly are birds. We are the Bayou City Road Runners, to be specific. My love of long distance running has allowed me the opportunity to cultivate some incredible friendships. Shared mileage and post run coffee breaks have always provided the perfect blend for friendships that go the distance.

Best of both worlds


In life there is nothing better than sharing quality time with the one’s you love while also being able to check something important off of your to do list. Case in point, knocking out a long run as you chase your son through the neighborhood on his go cart. This definitely offers the best of both worlds.


Chasing rainbows


Chasing rainbows is all about following your dreams. Even at thirty-five, I continue to chase personal bests and first place finishes. It’s important to always set goals and put the wheels in motion. Continue to dream big and chase those rainbows with gusto. You will set an incredible example for those around you, and inspire others to dream big too.

Getting a second wind


When you work full-time and also balance a spouse, children, and a home life, almost daily, you are counting on that second wind to kick in. For children, this proverbial second wind often morphs into a third and fourth wind. Ah to be so young and carefree! Truthfully though, finding that second gear is an integral part of managing all of the facets of my life. Granted this second wind may take more coffee than it used to, but I still find myself digging deep for that second wind when I need it most to get through a particularly long day.

Hold your horses


Children have a way of forcing us to find moments to pause in life and see the world from their vantage point. Their beautiful world is full of joy and wonder. Their lives are simpler and unencumbered by schedules and mile long ‘to do’ lists. In their own perfect little way, they monopolize the market on holding their horses. We could take note, and try to follow suit by giving ourselves the opportunity to reflect on the little moments in our day. Find time to slow down long enough to appreciate a gorgeous sunset or a perfect full moon illuminating the night sky.

Be patient. You never know what might come your way if you allow yourself to wait it out.

Every cloud has a silver lining


This is one of my favorite idioms because it is a conscious choice we make to look at the situation in a positive way. Choose to be hopefully optimistic. Even the most difficult of times will lead to better days. Take for example, the muddy mess that happened when Atticus slipped in the mud last spring at the state track meet. I could have panicked, especially because I didn’t have a spare change of clothes on hand. But how could I rain on his little parade. He was having the time of his life running around, and he couldn’t care less about being covered in mud. Every cloud has a silver lining even if it’s a messy one!

Over the moon

When someone is over the moon, they are beyond pleased and incredibly happy. I am blessed to have two sweet boys who live out most days in this elated state of happiness. I treasure every smile, every belly laugh, and every moment of ecstatic wonder to the absolute fullest. This approach to life makes every day a little sweeter and a little more memorable.

Without a doubt, idioms clearly are a regular part of my storytelling and daily conversation. They offer a unique perspective of looking at life that is candid and refreshing. It’s the icing on the cake!


One thought on “The Icing on the Cake

  1. Fun reading as you typically make your daily life look like a “walk in the park” as your “actions speak louder than words” navigating motherhood, a career as well as life as a wife, friend, sister and daughter. Your blogs are a “blessing in disguise” and fun to read as well.


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