Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

When you have a grandmother (Gammie) who was a beautician for more than 30 years, hair can be a rather complex issue. My mother took her styling cues from Gammie, but somehow a finesse for teasing and coifing skipped a generation with me.

Most days, you’ll find me sporting a ponytail with part of my hair twisted down the side. Blow drying my hair is a luxury I rarely have time for and anything more complicated than that is often a source of frustration. I’d love to learn how to master a crown braid or a top knot, but I don’t have the patience for the YouTube tutorials. I only achieved that kind of perfection on my wedding day thanks to Leslie, a hairstylist with the professional expertise reserved for only the highly trained.

FullSizeRender (47)

We’ve all a bad haircut or style we wished we could remedy with a do-over. Thankfully hair is always something that will grow back. Although when you really want it to, it seems to grow painstakingly slow.

I bring up the subject of hair because today was Crazy Hair Day at school for Liam. With the help of an arsenal of mousse, gel, hairspray, and temporary hair color, I made my best attempt to give life to a mohawk. Over all, I think I successfully managed to pull the style off but sweating on the playground will prove to be the ultimate test.

Because Liam will one day look at these pictures and reminisce about his own childhood, I have to wonder what his thoughts will be about his hair. Will he beam with pride as he shows his own children these photos or will he keep these photos tucked away and out of sight?

Sean often candidly jokes about the “mom” haircut. For the longest time, I thought he was pulling this style out of thin air until I saw the Saturday Night Live skit that gave life to this easy to wear but far less attractive style. Hair certainly has the power to make or break us. Why else would phrases like, “messy hair, don’t care” exist?

An amazing hair style can be life changing. These magical moments only happen when the person holding the scissors is truly a master of their craft. For me, no one deserves this honor more than my dear friend, Loris. Hair is her heart, her spirit, and her passion. I’ve put my hair in her hands on many occasions, and always walk out of her salon feeling like a new person. Let’s face it, great hair can make you feel like you can rule the world.

If I could take back one hairstyle, I’d say goodbye to the pixie cut I had in high school. Initially it was pretty cute, but the grow out stage was incredibly awkward, to say the least. At one point, I know I was channeling Mrs. Brady, but definitely not in a good way. Try as I may, I couldn’t find any photo evidence of this hairstyle likely because it’s a stage I’d like nothing more than to forget.

embrace messy hair

Naturally bad hair days are inevitable. When all else fails, embrace your messy hair with some kind of an updo, put on your favorite lipstick, and move on to the amazing things waiting for you in your day. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff. After all, bad hair is here today, but usually gone tomorrow!



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