A Helping Heart


This morning the sky was a perfect blue and the sun was shining radiantly. After so many days of darkness and despair for so many in the Houston area, it was a welcome change.

As we sat together over breakfast, the local news stations continued to show footage of the devastation in our area. Liam and I sat in silence taking it all in. In that moment, teaching him about the importance of helping others in times of need struck a chord with me. I told him that we were so incredibly fortunate to have weathered the storm without losing anything. I explained to him that it was our time to help and give back to those who did not fare as well.

We spent the better part of the morning gathering linens, toys, diapers, water, children’s books, crayons, art supplies, coloring books, baby clothes, and toys for the rescue shelter at St. Maximillian Kolbe Catholic Church. A colleague and friend of mine was headed there after lunch with her son to volunteer and offered to deliver our donations.

Liam was a real sport parting with some of his prized possessions. He didn’t complain once and beamed with pride about being able to help others. For this Mama Bear, it made my heart absolutely melt with happiness and pride.

More than 46% of Texas’s population was affected by Hurricane Harvey. Rebuilding our coastal regions and the greater Houston area will require the volunteer and donation efforts of many. Although Liam is only five, you’re never too young to learn the value and importance of having a helping heart. Big or small every little bit helps. #Texasstrong

3 thoughts on “A Helping Heart

  1. Kindness, generosity, and compassion. What special traits this boy has! Thank you, Mama Bear, for allowing Liam to experience a real opportunity to help others. He seemed genuinely happy to share what he has.


  2. Liam is learning so much from you about being kind and having a generous heart. Thank you, Heidi, for teaching him so many things that will guide him as he becomes an
    honorable and productive adult.


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