While You’re Out…

Until yesterday, we were trapped inside our neighborhood because water was blocking every major exit out. On Tuesday, Sean ventured out for the first time to assess potential routes because the streets in our immediate vicinity had finally drained overnight. I asked him if he would consider stopping for milk while he was out if he was able to safely navigate the roadways to a nearby grocery store.

During his drive around, he was able to cut through a neighboring subdivision and meander his way to H-E-B. Before I continue with this post, I want to preface with an affirmation of love and respect for my husband. The intention of this piece is purely comical, and I don’t want it to seem like I’m ungrateful in any way. With that aside, I will continue…

Sean came home about an hour later with an assortment of H-E-B bags. As I started helping him unload and put the grocery items away, my eyes widened as I took inventory of his grocery run: ice cream, popsicles, cake pops, chocolate covered pretzels, kolaches, jalapeno and salt & pepper pretzels, cashews, canned chili, Canadian bacon, turkey, and bountiful amount of wine. As I surveyed the groceries, I realized a critical ingredient was missing- the milk!


I casually asked him about the milk situation as I continued to put groceries away. Unfortunately because of the storm, H-E-B was still out of milk. All we really needed at that point was milk and yet now we had an arsenal of mostly junk food that I would have to painstakingly exercise self-control to avoid. While I more than appreciated the sentiment, few of his options were healthy or conducive for dinner preparation.

There’s a reason grocery shopping falls under my umbrella of to do’s in our family dynamic no different than why changing the AC filters falls under his. We each have strengths we bring to our relationship. These strengths allow us to bring the best parts of ourselves out for the benefit of everyone else in the household.


I did manage to integrate the Canadian bacon into a gluten free pizza option that was quite a hit for dinner tonight. Otherwise most of the food has been enjoyed by Liam and Sean. I do, however, have to own that I single handedly polished off the white fudge pretzels in a matter of two days, and they were quite delightful.

Circling back to the milk and wine, the milk dilemma was resolved thanks to my friend, Deanna. Yesterday when we we dropped off our donations for St. Max, she kindly offered up an extra gallon of milk she had on hand. When your five year old’s favorite drink of choice is milk, nothing is sweeter music to your ears than having the supply to meet his demand. So thank you again, Deanna, for saving the day on that one. I do have to hand it Sean for restocking our wine collection. This week I broke my usual only drinking on the weekend rule to indulge in a glass of wine almost every as we waited for Harvey to move on.

I love how my husband took it upon himself to go out of his way to restock our pantry and refrigerator. Did it align with the kitchen staples I typically keep on hand? Absolutely not! Nonetheless I appreciate the effort and find humor in the amount of processed food a man can buy on one trip to the grocery store. I will naturally be more mindful of using the phrase, “while you’re out, would you mind…” because it’s anyone’s guess what else he’ll come home with next time!


2 thoughts on “While You’re Out…

  1. Well my husband, your father would have come home empty handed because he hardly ever deviates from the list. At least you had options. I would have asked where the chips and chocolate were…


  2. How dare you?!? First things first, every last thing on that table was delightful, especially the jalapeño pretzels… you know you loved them.

    Second, you know that my shopping runs would ordinarily be much healthier. There were slim pickin’s at the grocery store and I brought home some sweet relief from the doldrums of storm survival food.

    Third, when venturing out amidst apocalyptic floods, one must determine if the reward is worth the risk. Purchasing such highly preserved food options only solidified the reward side of that equation, given that we still didn’t know how long we may be with limited options.

    Last, now I know why that ice cream tastes funny… You just had to go and unpack all that good (admittedly not wholesome) food and stage it for a blog photo.

    All I have to say is; Good day to you, ma’am!

    Your Husband

    P.S. I love you, and we may need more wine this weekend.


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