Telling a Mother not to Worry…

Worry is a synonymous term associated with motherhood. From the moment you first realize your pregnant, worry sets in and only continues to grow as your belly does. It starts with the little things like, “Has my baby kicked enough today?” or “Oh no! I forgot to order a decaf latte.”


The minute your child is placed in your arms immediately after delivery, your heart swells with love and you find yourself fully immersed in a state of worry. Worry comes in all shapes and sizes. Small worries, big worries, and everything in between. Sometimes it’s slight and it passes quickly. Other times it’s enormous, debilitating worry that can be all consuming.

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At almost one year of life, Mama Bear worry continues to follow me around like an obedient dog. My biggest worry right now centers around Atticus’s tubal ear procedure tomorrow. The procedure requires general anesthesia, which is enough to send this Mama Bear into full blown worry wart mode. Although I’ve been advised that it’s a relatively quick procedure, I will be separated from him for at least an hour. An hour that will undoubtedly feel like the longest hour of my life. It will give me plenty of time to pace, fixate, and stress out. Positive thoughts and prayer will undoubtedly be my saving grace.

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Tomorrow is only one thread in the long string of worries that I will continue to carry with me on this road called motherhood. Through it all, faith and love will continue to propel me forward. I will wear my worry, angst, stress, and concern for both of my beautiful boys like a badge of honor. The adage, “telling a mother not to worry about her child is like telling water not to be wet,” appropriately sums up the worry we carry as mothers for the children we love with our whole heart.

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One thought on “Telling a Mother not to Worry…

  1. There are very few mothers who don’t worry and you my dear come by it naturally! Someone wise once penned “worry is like a rocking chair. It gives you something to do but it never gets you anywhere. ” very fitting I might add and so this grandma bear will also be worrying right alongside you until I get the telephone call that Atti is all right. Godspeed to you and your beautiful family.

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