A Mother’s Love

One of the hardest parts of motherhood is a sick baby. You so desperately wish you could take their discomfort away, and oftentimes feel helpless as you try to calm them in their fussy, feverish, and uncomfortable state.

Since Wednesday evening, Atticus has been under the weather. Enduring his fourth ear infection since late May. This ear infection came less than two weeks since his last and brought with it a high fever that he hasn’t kicked despite intermittent doses of infant Tylenol and Motrin.

Yesterday we visited the ENT and are scheduled for ear tubes. In consulting my inner circle, I’ve heard great things about the relief they provide but it still doesn’t ease my mommy angst. As if one doctor’s visit wasn’t enough, the ENT sent us back to our pediatrician for an antibiotic shot, which put Atticus in full meltdown mode and it took everything in me to hold back my own tears.

When your child is in pain, you feel their pain, sorrow, and anguish too. I wish I had a magic wand I could wave that would magically make the fever, discomfort, and infection disappear in a poof of smoke. Unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. Instead I hold him tight, soothe him, and give him all of my love. I savor his neediness because I know he won’t always let me be this close.

sick baby

Baby Bear, I hate seeing you so puny and unhappy. I pray this passes quickly and hope that the kisses, hugs, and cuddles make all the difference in the world. I can only imagine how difficult it feels to feel so much but be unable to articulate those feelings. I’ll be here to love you through it all because that’s what Mama Bears do best!

Mama Bears & Motherhood

Mama Bears love fiercely, protect their own, and carry the weight of the world on their shoulders. They live each day for the baby bears they call their own. Some days the beauty of motherhood radiates around us like a luminescent aura. Other times our patience wears thin, and we cast blame on ourselves for our shortcomings.

Between the dirty diapers, runny noses, temper tantrums, home cooked meals, and bedtime stories, there is often little time for ourselves. Thank God for the brief quiet moments we steal from time to time, even if those moments come in the form of a quick shower, your child’s nap time, or an evening run around the neighborhood to clear your mind.

Undoubtedly, Mama Bears, we are often incredibly hard on ourselves and oftentimes not very forgiving. How easily we forget that we are human; flawed and imperfect. We have to cut ourselves some slack because we’re all doing the very best that we can. We are blessed with the amazing opportunity to help our children grow in faith, love, and character.

Motherhood will test and try us on more days than we’d like, but it will also surprise us in beautiful and unexpected ways just as often. I am grateful for every single day with my boys. They truly are my greatest joy, and my greatest hope is that they grow up to be respectful, responsible, and kind gentlemen who follow their heart and find great success in life. You, my sweet boys, are my sunshine, my light, and my reason for making every effort to be my best self for the two of you!

Kudos to all of my Mama Bear friends who I take notes from every single day. You inspire me through your words, actions, and strength. A special nod to the following Mama Bears: Anna, Ruby, Stephanie, Adita, and Blaine. I would be lost without your guidance, wisdom, and friendship.