Positive Vibes Only, Please

Good morning! This is a Public Service Announcement for all of the Negative Nancies of the world. Today is a glorious Friday, and you absolutely will not rain on my parade! It is the final day of a very hectic work week; and when the last bell rings signaling the end of the school day, my weekend officially starts.

So please take your frothy disdain for policies and procedures, your disparaging remarks for most of your coworkers, and your general unhappiness and kindly flush it down the loo. I am only accepting positive vibes today because quite frankly I’ve heard enough of your negativity this week to last a lifetime.

My morning started with a lovely cup of coffee, bear hugs and kisses from my spouse and children, and the most amazing sunrise. I am blessed to have another day of life with the people I love, and I refuse to let your negative disposition cloud my day.

Carefully consider the aforementioned positive affirmations. Slowly let them marinate in your mind and permeate into your heart. You, Nancy, can choose to start today with a grateful heart and choose positivity, or you can continue wallowing in your own negativity. Either way, I don’t have room for your pessimism because there are too many beautiful things in this life to celebrate, savor, and relish in. So for the record, today and every day, positive vibes only, please!

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