Celebrating our Everyday Successes

I recently came across an article on The Zoe Report about the nine things all successful women do on Sundays (http://thezoereport.com/living/work/8-things-successful-women-sunday/#slide-6). The article piqued my curiosity as I scrolled down the page trying to see how I measured up. Up until I stumbled across this piece, I’d always considered myself a success story, but would my world be turned upside down by the end of the article?

Thankfully my world is still in tact, and I feel like my success rate is still well above average. Here’s the lowdown on where I fall on their success scale. My overall score wasn’t 100%, but hey we all have room for improvement, right!

  • Clean- Laundry and straightening is a customary part of most Sundays. Between the boys and my athletic gear, I usually feel like I fold a mountain of socks, sports bras, onsies, undies, and tee shirts. Thank goodness for multi-tasking. I usually knock this chore out when the boys are napping or in quiet time, and I can steal some screen time and catch up on a show.
  • Sober up- Because I drink so little to begin with, I never need a Sunday to sober up. A nice glass of wine on a Sunday afternoon or in the evening with dinner is a nice way to close out the weekend without wishing I had a “Hair of the Dog” to start my Monday off on the right foot.
  • Map out the week- I am an habitual planner; sometimes to a fault. I pull out my Google calendar and review what I have on my plate. I’m typically good at remembering what’s on my schedule, but I always want to be ready for the unexpected wild cards like a doctor’s appointment or an evening event at work.
  • Prep food and wardrobe- Because I do most of my cooking on the weekend, Liam and I survive off of leftovers for the remainder of the week. I usually snag some of these leftovers for lunch too, so I don’t have to sweat the small stuff in the morning when it’s time to zip out the door. I always prep my snacks and lunch the night before too. This also takes a load of pressure off of my morning To Do’s. Prepping my wardrobe was a new one for me. I decided that I would give this one a trial run this last week, and let me just say it was absolutely liberating. I planned my workweek outfits down to the shoes and jewelry, and it made getting ready in the morning a cake walk.
  • Set goals- Goal setting is my middle name. I love the initial chase, and then delight in the victory dance when I’ve straddled the hurdle. This week, my goal was to run five days in a row. I’m an avid runner, so you might be questioning how this is a fair goal on my part. This was my first week back at school with students. I knew every day would bring numerous unexpected surprises that would keep me on my toes all day long. My predictions were more than accurate as I killed my activity goals on my Nike watch every day before I even left the school. I also knew that by the time I got home, I’d be exhausted and would be content just laying in bed watching tv after the boys were fast asleep. This is why I set my goal in the first place, so that I couldn’t use any of that as an excuse. Tonight marks the first night I haven’t run since Sunday. I’m glad I laced up my shoes and forced myself out of the door. Running every night helped me reflect on my day, let go of the stresses I didn’t need to carry over into the next day, and enjoy some beautiful sunsets.
  • Unplug- This is one I could definitely improve on. Admittedly I do enjoy scrolling through Facebook or reading a riveting crime novel on my Kindle app. I do think I try to find balance in my life when it comes to screen time. But in today’s day and age, it’s hard to completely unplug.
  • Get rest- Hmm, whoever wrote this post must not be a mama bear with young children. Rest is hard to come by when they wake up at the crack of dawn and you try to knock out all of your to do’s while they nap. That doesn’t leave a lot of downtime for resting. Maybe I’ll get around to this one when they’re teenagers. A girl can dream, right!
  • Do something unproductive- I’m fairly certain that playing with toys as an adult counts as doing something unproductive. Coloring, stacking blocks, climbing on the playground, and playing with Transformers fit the bill!
  • Bathe- A hot bath, a glass of wine, and a good book are a few of my favorite things. I don’t have the luxury of enjoying these pleasantries every Sunday, but when the opportunity presents itself, I gladly indulge.

your life

Because success is not quantifiable, we don’t always see how productive we are as women, wives, mothers, and professionals. We are all successful in our own right for the countless things we do every day for the people in our lives who rely on us. Keep your head up, keep reaching for the stars, and celebrate your everyday successes. You, Mama Bear, got this!

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