Baby Steps

It feels like it happened overnight, but this long weekend has proven to be a busy one when you have a 10 month old that is literally into everything. Like The Flash, he’s dashing across the floor on all fours zeroing in on the next chair, door, wall, or pair of legs to pull up on. As our baby bear is on the move, the rest of the den are hot on his tail making sure he’s not crawling into a dangerous situation.

Yesterday morning the amount of crawling and pulling up was at an all time high. Sean and I decided it was time to try containing him, at least for a while, so we could knock out some of our usual Sunday to do’s. Inevitably it was time for us to set up the playpen. Sean assembled it behind the couch and lowered Atticus in with a handful of toys. Curiosity kicked in and before we knew it, he was happy as a clam exploring his new space. Before long crawling turned into pulling up and then…

Almost immediately my anxious mom tendencies kicked into high gear as I envisioned my sweet baby boy face planting on our hardwood floor. Very quickly his playpen was moved into the living room and placed on softer ground- the carpet.

His strength, resilience, and inherent curiosity are qualities I deeply admire. I want him to feel empowered in his physical abilities as he takes risks, experiences failures, and ultimately conquers his next challenge- learning to walk. In life, we have to take it one step at a time, and sometimes those steps work best when they are calculated and slow. Here’s to the baby steps that propel all of us forward!

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