A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

This week has been a whirlwind of illness, work, soccer, dinner, snacks, and a whole lot in the middle of all of that. There have been high points and low points; good days and better days. Through it all, it’s the little things that have stopped me in my tracks, brought a smile to my face, and joy to my heart.

Life is a collage of beautiful moments. Some are incredibly simple and others are far more monumental. These moments are the stories that define us as wives, mothers, daughters, friends, and professionals. Because time gets away from us, these little moments can so quickly fade into the background like everything else in our day.

They say a picture is a worth a thousand words, so I’ll let my favorite images from the week do all the talking!

  1. Bath time with the boys is one of my favorite evening rituals is bath time. It’s a symphony of giggles, baby screams, and splashing water. Atticus feeds off of his older brother’s antics, and I delight in seeing the two of them playing together so happily. Image-1 (53)
  2. My little monkey- Liam has been in gymnastics for a little over a year now. He’s become incredibly fearless and climbs effortlessly up climbing structures with ease. I fondly call him my little monkey because he’s often climbing, swinging, or hanging around like a primate.
  3. Coffee- There is truly no better way to start your morning than with a steeping hot cup of coffee. When you’re weekly coffee shop indulgence doubles as a work of art, it truly is the perfect marriage of beauty and flavor. coffee love
  4. Baby selfies- Sometimes he’s a camera hound and other times he’s much too busy to pose for selfie. In the first selfie, Atticus embraced the camera and gave me one of his beautiful pearly whites. I think the term counts even if you only have two teeth. In the second selfie, playing the piano was far more enticing than saying, “cheese!”
  5. Winding down- After his bath, I like to carve out a few extra minutes of playtime before bed. One night this week, Atticus couldn’t get enough of his Ironman teddy. Like his big brother in so many ways, he was mesmerized by the shiny blue repulsor blasts. ironman
  6. Soccer match- Today marked the first soccer match of the season. I think Liam enjoyed the snacks more than the game. When his nerves subsided however, he did wow me with his speed across the field.
  7. Dessert- Liam looks forward to dessert every night after dinner. Most nights it’s something easy like a frozen fruit bar or a piece of candy. From time to time, I like to up the ante and offer something a little more special. Tonight, I took an H-E-B Neapolitan ice cream sandwich and rimmed the edges with rainbow sprinkles. It was incredibly simple, but the wow factor put Liam on Cloud 9. ice cream sandwich
  8. Little brother- Spectating your first soccer match was the highlight of the morning for this little eleven month old. He skipped out on his morning nap and took in the sights and sounds of YMCA soccer instead. After all, safeguarding your big brother’s soccer ball is an important job! want to be like brother
  9. “Luke, I am your father!”- This afternoon, Liam picked out his Halloween costume at Target. He absolutely loved trying it on and pretending to be the infamous villain with Atticus. He may need to work on his role as Darth Vader though, his brother seemed anything but intimidated. darth vader
  10. Pulling up- At the playground, crawling and pulling up are Atticus’s two favorite things. High on the list would also be laughing at your brother when he gets in your face and makes funny noises. love bugs
  11. Throwback Thursday- This week was Homecoming Week at St. John XXIII. I decided to partake in some Throwback Thursday fun with an homage to one of my favorite television shows from the 90’s… Saved by the Bell.

    While my hair wasn’t quite as long, I did get the Keds shoes, flannel shirt, and Guess jean skirt right for the part of the girl-next-door, Kelly Kawpowski.

  12. Curiosity- As I’ve said before, I absolutely adore Atticus’s little moments of curiosity. This week’s came when he discovered the dryer for the first time. Watching the clothes spin around and around can easily be summed up in two words, “Mind blown!


In high school, one of my favorite songs was Could not Ask for More by Sara Evans. Fast forward almost twenty years later, and these lyrics hold even greater meaning now as a wife and a mother. I will continue to savor the sweet little moments as they come and catalog them away in my heart so that I can always keep them close.

These are the moments I thank God that I’m alive
And these are the moments I’ll remember all my life
I’ve found all I’ve waited for
And I could not ask for more

Chorus from Could not Ask for More by Sara Evans


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