Blue Skies & Afternoon Adventures

Fall weather has been idyllic this year. Gorgeous blue skies dusted with wispy clouds provide the perfect backdrop to picturesque outdoor adventures. Long walks to the playground, balancing acts at Turtle Lane, hide and seek in the hedge maze, and monkeying around on bars all have been some of our favorite things after school and on the weekends.

For those of you who live outside of Texas, this might seem unheard of this time of year. The mornings typically start off on the cooler side but by lunchtime the temperatures usually level out in the mid 70s. Because of how hot and humid south Texas is 3/4 of the year, this time of year always proves to be a welcome change.

My little bears and I cannot get enough of these conditions. These last few weeks have proven to be even more enjoyable because of the recent addition of the Radio Flyer tricycle, a first birthday gift for Atticus. The tricycle has a built in stand on the back for Liam so afternoon walks are even more enjoyable because I can transport both boys throughout the neighborhood with ease.

These afternoon strolls through the neighborhood as of late have proven to be wonderful opportunities for Mama Bear-son bonding. I’m grateful for both the beautiful weather conditions and more importantly the opportunity to spend cherished time with Liam and Atticus. I find myself continuously circling back to the little things that make life simply beautiful!

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