The Little Things

In the hustle and bustle of life, quiet moments of solitude are rare. I often find myself toeing the line of a daily marathon race that starts well before the sun greets the morning. This race continues at a sweltering pace until well after the sun has set. It’s a balance of family, work, and household responsibilities that so infrequently allow me to stop and smell the roses.

As a counselor, I talk to my students about the importance of mindfulness quite often. Allowing ourself to be present and aware in a given moment as we open ourselves up to our thoughts and feelings. In theory, it is a beautiful way to recenter and find a sense of peace in our day. However I would be lying if I said this is something I pay attention to every day for my own well-being. My Apple watch reminds me to breathe throughout the day, and I consider it a small victory if I can pause at least twice a day to close my eyes, breathe deeply, and wait for the cue that my minute has lapsed.

We’re all in this boat, treading water to stay afloat. So the intention of today’s post is to remind us of the importance of finding the beauty in the everyday things around us. This beauty truly is in the little things if we stop ourselves long enough to give pause and savor the moment.

The beauty of everyday things is:

FullSizeRender (20)

a breathtaking sunrise over the ocean,

FullSizeRender (22)

cousins walking hand in hand together,

FullSizeRender (24)

never taking yourself too seriously,

FullSizeRender (28)

sipping hand-crafted coffee with your favorite person,

FullSizeRender (27)

finding natural treasures like this white feather that reminds you of someone special you’ve lost,

i hope you feel beautiful

stopping to smell the roses,

FullSizeRender (21)

seeing the world through the eyes of a child,

FullSizeRender (29)

and being awestruck by something truly beautiful.

I hope this post inspires you to find the beauty in the little things. We are abundantly blessed but sometimes we need a little reminder. “It’s up to you to see the beauty in everyday things!” What will you see when you give yourself permission to slow down?


A Part of the Vernacular

The term, “selfie” is undoubtedly a part of the English vernacular. When you scroll down any social media page, inevitably you’ll come face-to-face with a multitude of selfies. Posing in their cars, in front of the mirrors, making duck faces or a model pout…

I have to admit my initial feelings about selfies were resoundingly negative. In my rare attempts to take them, I could never get the angle right. The counselor in me also constantly fixated on the narcissistic aura that encircled these infamous selfies. With time, I softened to the idea and accepted that the selfie was here to stay.

“Today, the selfie is part of a world in which our public selves — the ones we showcase on the social web — are carefully articulated versions of who we choose to be on any given day, at any given moment. The selfie is the ultimate representation: the way we want the world to see us now.”

Since having children, I’ve embraced the lighter side of selfies. I can usually count on a raucous of giggles, oversmiling, tongues sticking out, and lots of cuddles and closeness to try to get everyone in the shot. Just last week, Liam walked into the nursery with a special request. “Mom, can we take a selfie with Atticus?” In that moment, I found myself wondering if society’s opinion of the selfie would change if we regarded it as a work of art rather than a calculated act of self- expression.

Armed with one of my favorite photo apps (Prisma), I decided to put my theory to the test. A little action research if you will. Enjoy this collection of avant garde selfies I’ve curated for your viewing pleasure. I’d love to hear your sentiments about selfies, so please consider sharing your thoughts in the comments. #selfiesunday #isaselfieaworkofart




Brotherly Love


In the last 9 months, I often find myself lost in wonder at the unconditional love Liam showers on his little brother. The adoration in Atticus’s eyes demonstrates a mutual understanding that what the two of them share is an unwavering brotherly bond. I imagine how their relationship will evolve with time as they both grow older and develop their own distinct interests.

Brotherly love is something I know all to well myself. As the older sister, I know my initial response was far from acceptance when Hans was born. In fact, I think on more than one occasion I may have tried to hurt Hans out of jealousy. One particular story, fondly told by my mother, involves me putting every single pillow in the house in his crib while he was napping and then climbing up into the crib to sit atop the pillows. It certainly wasn’t my finest moment but in my defense I was only a toddler. Thankfully it wasn’t long before I realized how lucky I was to have a new playmate and friend to enjoy life with.

My childhood memories with Hans are rich and storied. I remember countless adventures at the beach, riding bikes, chasing each other on the playground, and hiding out in our fortress of pine trees. Living in a small, quiet community left us with lots of opportunities to explore the world around us, and we often took full advantage to play together to our hearts content. My parents nurtured our relationship by allowing us to have sleep overs in each others rooms on the weekend. We’d build a tent of bedsheets and laugh for hours telling jokes way past our bedtime.

As we got older our interests changed. I found love and success in long distance running, and Hans pursued interests in music. Despite our differences, it was rare the two of us were at odds. We both mutually respected the successes of the other and celebrated one another’s accomplishments with pride and admiration. When Hans graduated from high school to attend The University of Texas at Austin, coincidentally I was transferring there too. Almost every weekend he rode his bike from his dorm to do laundry at my apartment and hang out. The following year, he moved into the vacant garage apartment below me. With the exception of him instating a policy that I not wear heels while walking upstairs (it was incredibly loud because of the hardwood floors), we saw eye-to-eye on just about everything else. We’d take turns making dinner for one another and fell into a comfortable routine as neighbors. The greatest memory of our time together in Austin was watching him befriend and court, Cat. The amazing woman who after nearly 13 years of dating became his wife and my sister-in-law.

Since graduating from UT, Hans and I haven’t lived in the same city. Despite the distance, we check in often with a phone call or text to keep each other in the loop. Coming back full circle, my heart is full of joy for the countless opportunities Liam and Atticus have ahead of them to explore and grow in brotherly love. Siblings truly are a remarkable gift. I don’t know where I would be today without the love and support of my brother. We will share a piece of each other’s hearts for all of time!


“You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them.” — Desmond Tutu, South African Social Activist

Reframing my Mindset

It’s always difficult to transition back to work after a vacation or holiday. This year in particular though I was feeling a lot more angst about starting the new school year. I know a large part of my apprehension stemmed from the mommy guilt I felt about putting the boys back in daycare. Our carefree summer days of bonding, playing, and giggling would be replaced with a long list of emails and a trail of paperwork waiting for me in my office.

This school year brings a lot of change in the building. Several of my closer colleagues have left to pursue new teaching opportunities. Their absence now opens the door for a new wave of faculty and staff that I have yet to establish a rapport with. I know with time I will establish meaningful connections with them, but I think the overwhelming change within the building could be playing a large part in my current mindset for the new year.

Yesterday was my first official day back and let me just say that it started off with a lot of hiccups. Because I’ve been out the work routine for the last two months, I realized I hadn’t prepped my lunch the night before or cleaned all of my pumping supplies. I was running around the house a little frazzled trying to knock out my to do’s while I entertained Atticus with car noises, combed Liam’s hair and answered an overwhelming amount of questions that corresponded to what was on the news, and in the midst of all of this, put myself together. Coffee is a miracle worker!

We finally pulled out of the driveway at 8:00 a.m., but as I pulled up to their daycare I realized I’d missed the window for Liam to have breakfast there. Thinking fast, I put the car in reverse and told Liam we were moving donut day to this morning. Donuts are usually a Friday morning treat, but I needed a breakfast option, and I needed it now. Thank God for Shipley’s Drive Thru, vanilla donuts with sprinkles, and donut holes. Because let’s be real, I needed a little sugar to help me get moving too.

When I walked into my office, I realized I needed to do something drastic to help me reframe my mindset. As many of my closest friends will tell you, when I’m feeling uneasy about something I usually distract myself with a project of rather significant proportions to take the edge off. So on that note, I preceded to rearrange, declutter, and ultimately feng shui my office. Throwing away documents I’d inherited from counselor’s before me and changing up my workspace offered me with a brand new outlook on the school year. I am more ready to tackle the mountain of classroom accommodations that are waiting for me today because I feel more content about the space I get to work in.

Sometimes all you need is a dose of change to combat the change you might be resisting. For all I know, the donut holes could have helped me reframe my mindset but to walk away with more purpose and a sense of accomplishment, I’m going to chalk it up to my office makeover. Carpe Diem!

Back to School Finds

When most people hear the term “back to school shopping”, their mind usually starts to fixate on a trip to Target that might include new glue, paper, pencils, crayons, and markers. This shopping excursion might also include a new pair of jeans because last year’s high waters just won’t suffice after their daughter’s summer growth spurt or a new pair of the latest sneakers for their son to kick the year off in style.

Because I work in education as do many of my family and friends, “back to school shopping” often carries a very different meaning. For those of us preparing for a new school year in the classroom, we’re thinking about new wardrobe staples that are functional but also fun to encourage us out the door each morning. Like a cat with nine lives, I’ve also had many lives at least professionally. My first job after graduating from college was buying, managing, and merchandising a contemporary clothing boutique called Raspberry Crush. Later I found myself on the other side of retail working for a showroom in Dallas. Again capitalizing on the perks of wholesale shopping and also always being one season ahead of the trend. Being privy to new trends at wholesale prices made a career in retail incredibly gratifying. While I don’t have the luxury of wholesale shopping anymore, I still love finding stylish pieces that don’t break the bank.

When you work with students in grades Pre-K3 through 8th grade, you have to be ready for anything. You might have to chase a kindergartener down the hallway in heels or sit on the floor with a group of 4th graders for a guidance lesson. This means that in your quest for great fashion staples you also have to be realistic about what your job description might entail. My fashion mantra has always been, “it’s not about how much you spend on clothes, but how you wear them.”

Here are some of the fresh finds to start my school year off in style. My merchandising eye kicked in to high gear as I was preparing for this post, so forgive me if my photos look like something out of a Target or Old Navy ad. What can I say, old habits die-hard!

When the school year kicks off in August in Texas, it’s still hotter than hot. Skirts, dresses, and sandals offer a little reprieve from the soaring temperatures but still allow for kneeling at eye level with the little ones or walking up stairs past middle school students.

Yesterday, on the eve of going back to work, I stopped in to see my friend, Leslie, at Salon Cypress for a quick trim. If only I had her hair styling abilities to pull this look off all the time. We all have our gifts, but alas working miracles with a curling iron is not one of mine!

As an educator, clothes can be a great talking point with students. I found this fun dinosaur Oxford shirt by Cat & Jack at Target. I’m sure one of my future paleontologists will have some words of wisdom about dinosaurs to share with me the next time I wear it. All of my shoe finds this summer were steals at DSW. Their sale racks in the back of the store offer a treasure trove of high-end brands at amazing prices. I scored these Betsy Johnson heels for $25.

FullSizeRender (13)

Target is my happy place for just about everything, and their clothing never disappoints. These fun pleated skirts offer so much versatility. I can dress them up with a blouse and heels or sport a more casual look with a tee-shirt and flats. Incidentally the white, teal, and coral tees were on special, two for $10. Score!

Every back to school shopping spree should include a denim shirt. Tucked in, tied at the waist, or layered over a dress provides countless opportunities to get your money’s worth with this item.

My career in retail taught me an important lesson about jewelry. All jewelry whether it’s costume or fine has the highest markup in the industry. The typical markup ranges from three to five times the wholesale price. With that being said, I make all of my fashion jewelry purchases at retailers like Charming Charlie’s because they offer kitschy finds at an affordable price.

Today marks my first day back at work although the kiddos won’t walk through the school doors until August 14th. I know many of you have started your year off already or will soon be back in your classroom teaching your heart out. Every day we have the power to change the world one mind at a time. Make it your best year yet!


Guilty Pleasures

Guilty Pleasures… we’re all guilty of them, but we don’t always like to own up to them.

Atticus is sleeping soundly in the nursery for his morning nap, and I’ve just cued up the The Bachelorette Men Tell All special. I’ll be the first to admit it is far from quality programming, but sometimes we all need a little mindless television to lighten our load as wives and mothers.


Reflecting on my own guilty pleasures piqued my interest about the guilty pleasures many women indulge in. After a little Google research, I’ve compiled a list of the guilty pleasures I share with other women. After reading this, I’m curious if you’ll own up to any of your own guilty pleasures too and share them in the Comments.

  • Shamelessly watching reality TV: Undoubtedly my biggest guilty pleasure is watching The Bachelorette. I haven’t avidly watched the show from the very beginning but instead happened upon the series by accident. In 2011, one of my mom’s closest friends started chemotherapy at MD Anderson. That summer, I visited her at least once a week to check in, bring dinner over, and spend time with her. She loved watching The Bachelorette, and I quickly became a follower as we watched it and looked forward to the drama that would unfold the following week. Ninfa had always been a close family friend of my mom’s but that summer she became one of my closest friends too. Since that inaugural summer, I continued to watch the show because it proved to be a great talking point between the two of us that took the pressure off of talking about the uninvited guest in our friendship- cancer. This season is the first season I couldn’t text her to ask her what she thought about the show because we lost her just before the season finale last summer. I feel far less shame watching this show even now because it still brings a smile to my face when I look back fondly on our time together. The Bachelorette
  • Reading trashy gossip magazines: In my single days, I loved indulging in gossip magazines like US Weekly and In Touch. Oftentimes one of these magazines was an impulse buy added to the conveyor belt in the grocery store check out line. Because of time, it’s a rarity for me to purchase them anymore. I reserve reading these for airplane travel. Now time only allows for scanning the cover at H-E-B when I’m shopping kids free. While this type of reading is far from substantive, it’s easy to get caught up in the catchy headlines and high fashion clothes.  Magazines
  • Dancing like no one is watching: Most nights while I’m cooking dinner, it’s a dance party in our living room. I have Spotify on one of my favorite Latin playlists and dance around the kitchen as Atticus finds his rhythm in the bouncer and Liam runs around enjoying the beats. Undoubtedly for me this summer, no song made me happier to hear than Luis Fonsi’s Despacito. This song was a meal prep staple daily for at least a month. If finally reached a point where Liam would sigh and say, “Not this song again. It’s boring!”
  • Reading unrealistic fantasy novels: Reading is one of my favorite pastimes. Even since Atticus joined the family, I still make time to enjoy novels on Kindle. Lately I can’t get enough of crime fiction but I’ve had my moments of closet reading unrealistic fantasy novels. But really though, is it that unrealistic to have a billionaire boyfriend with his own helicopter and a playroom?

Guilty pleasures could be classified as personal vulnerabilities, but they’re definitely not ones we need to beat ourselves up about. Pour that glass of wine and unapologetically  enjoy your favorite reality tv show or trashy magazine as you sip and savor it all!



The Lazy Days of Summer

Sadly yesterday marked the last lazy day of the summer for Liam, Atticus, and me. The boys will be back at daycare this week, and I’ll be back at work on Thursday. Since I was a little girl, summer has always been my favorite season.

Like David Letterman, I decided today’s post would reflect My Top 10 Memories of the summer. So without further ado…

  1. Weddings are always a wonderful way to get family and friends together for a good time, and my cousin Veronica’s wedding was no exception. Liam especially loved picking the perfect props for the photo booth. The “Kids Only” table was definitely a big hit with him too. I think he spent more time underneath the table than anywhere else in the venue. Atticus and I enjoyed the music and dancing, and our little man partied way past his bedtime, but it was well worth it. Congratulations, love birds! Mojica wedding
  2. Summer is always the best time to knock out doctor’s appointments because you don’t have to worry about the kiddos missing school. Liam’s dentist makes dental appointments a breeze. Even when he had to get a cavity filled, we were in and out within 40 minutes. I wish my dental practice operated under that same level of efficiency. IMG_2582
  3. Unstructured playtime is undoubtedly one of the most carefree parts of summer. In fact, Liam told me his favorite part of summer was just being home and playing. Yeah, a point for me, for ensuring plenty of that happened. Atticus found the most joy playing with his rings, stacking cups, and maracas. I have truly loved watching his sense of curiosity and wonder develop. Big brother spent most of his time playing with Transformers and Legos. In the afternoons when Atticus napped, Liam and I also enjoyed some one-on-one time playing games. Almost daily we challenged each other to Uno, Guess Who, Operation, and Connect Four. He’s grown so much in both sportsmanship and skill- two qualities I’m very proud of him for improving on this summer. IMG_3108
  4. Outings out gave us something to look forward to. When my mom was in town last week, we took Liam and Atticus to the Rainforest Cafe. Liam was in absolute awe with every step he took. He raved about the elephants, gorillas, and the birds. IMG_2925
  5. As a school counselor and former teacher, summer wouldn’t be complete without opportunities for learning. In fact, my elementary summers included reading and writing book reports for my mom and spending “quiet time” listening to cassette tapes of Hooked on Math. Following in my mother’s footsteps, Liam and I spent time doing activities to review phonics and numbers this summer. He worked really hard and made great strides in his handwriting, letter recognition, and early reading. This Mama Bear can proudly say that before starting kindergarten he is decoding basic words like dog, cat, hop, and fan. IMG_2862
  6. Morning walks quickly became a summer ritual for us. We’d set out most mornings after breakfast with Atticus in a stroller, and Liam running alongside or ahead of me. We’d usually venture to one of the neighborhood lakes to see the turtles or burn some energy at one of the nearby playgrounds. Atticus enjoyed some quality time on the swings and the slides with his brother. I have to brag on Liam a bit. He is such an amazing big brother. He dotes on Atticus constantly and is very attentive to his needs. IMG_2804
  7. Playdates save the day and give everyone something to look forward to. I know I needed them just as much as Liam did. They provided great opportunities to catch up with my closest friends in a fun setting for the kiddos. One of my favorite playdates was at Levy Park in Houston with Ruby and Stephanie. If you haven’t had a chance to visit, I cannot say enough great things about it. It has great climbing spaces, and beautiful open areas to run and play. It’s a must visit even for my single friends. IMG_2518
  8. Summer wouldn’t be summer without a vacation. My vacation highlight was a trip to South Padre with the boys. Atticus took his first dip in the pool, Liam has a blast on the water slides at Schlitterbahn, and I loved catching up with close family and friends. No trip to the Valley would be complete without raspas (snow cones) from Mr. G’s or nachos from The Vermillion in Brownsville. IMG_2466
  9. Museums offer an interactive way to beat the heat and learn something new. We’ve been members of The Museum of Natural Science for the last two years but hadn’t had a chance to visit their satellite location in Sugarland. They had an exceptional Paleontology Hall that Liam enjoyed along with a dinosaur dig that was very interactive for him. My favorite exhibit was “Sweet- A Tasty Journey” that highlighted the history of candy. Liam’s fascination with the Pez display was the cherry on top for me. “Mom, look at all of these ‘old school’ Pez candy.” IMG_2250
  10. The lazy days of summer wouldn’t be complete without ice cream. Ice cream was a fixture in our freezer almost the entire summer. We sampled and loved Blue Bell’s Cookie Two Step, the perfect marriage of cookies and cream and cookie dough. We also baked homemade sugar cookies and then filled them with Rocky Road marshmallowy goodness to make ice cream sandwiches. So it’s no surprise that we ended our final day of summer on a high note with a new ice cream novelty, Subzero. Liam was awed by how they used nitrogen to freeze his ice cream. He enjoyed a chocolate concoction with brownies and fudge, and I indulged in a decadent mix of dulce de leche ice cream, cinnamon, caramel, Twix, and Heath. If you have a Subzero near you, it’s offers a fun outing that won’t disappoint. FullSizeRender (8)

Sadly the summer of 2017 is in the books. I loved spending so much quality time with the boys. It was by far the most carefree I’ve had in awhile because I wasn’t also trying to juggle the rigors of graduate school. But as the old adage goes, “All good things must come to an end!” With that, it’s time to shift gears and move into a back to school mindset.

Out of the Mouths of Babes

With only one child in the house who is verbally expressive so far, Liam certainly has some poignant things to say. His inquisitiveness keeps me on my toes and his candid comments can be downright hilarious.


As you well know with children there is never a dull moment. Here are some of my most favorite Liamisms:

Liam’s babysitter recently got her braces off. When I asked him how his night with Alexis went, he said, “It was fun. Did you know she doesn’t have bracelets on her teeth anymore?”

I recently had two cavities filled. When Liam asked me why I had cavities, I told him it was likely because I ate too many Sour Patch Kids while I was in graduate school. “Mom, you of all people should know better. You need to stop eating so much candy and brush your teeth more.” Thanks for the life lesson on dental hygiene, Liam!

After looking a childhood picture of Sean, he said, “Dad, I don’t want to hurt your feelings but you looked pretty weird when you were a kid!”

For Father’s Day, I helped Liam make a canvas for Sean with descriptive words and the boys’ hand prints. I asked him,”What word best describes, Dad?” He enthusiastically responded with, “Awesome!” In small wooden letters I wrote: Our Dad is SPECIAL, PERFECT, AWESOME, and BOLD in a crossword pattern. When I read the words back to him, his face lit up when he heard the word bold. A sly smile flashed across his face, and he started laughing. I asked him if he knew what the word bold meant, and he very confidently said, “Yeah, it’s when you don’t have any hair!”

FullSizeRender (7)

My mom is one of my closest friends, and it is not uncommon for us to talk if either one of us is on a longer stretch of driving in the car. Every time the phone rings in the car, Liam says, “Let me guess, it’s Dolly again!” Insert eye roll and a sigh of disbelief. Little boys just don’t understand the need for girl talk!

Most nights at dinner, Liam knows to expect some kind of greenery on his dinner plate. When he’s called down to dinner he usually walks in after washing his hands and says, “I know we’re having broccoli for dinner again!” The tone and cadence though are what really make this one funny. He drags his words out to convey his disdain.

“Mom, I know this is going to sound mean but Atticus is pretty fat!” Doing my best to suppress a laugh, I told him healthy babies usually are chubby. The fat helps them grow and keeps them from getting sick. He then retorted,” So you’re telling me that I was fat once too!”

“Mom, why are you always speaking Spanish to Atticus?” “I want him to learn how to speak two languages. I would love for you to learn too!” “Well, I already know how to speak all kinds of Spanish.” “That wonderful! Por favor, pon la servilleta en la basura.” “Well, I don’t know that kind of Spanish. I just know my kind.”


What are some of the things your kiddos say that have you rolling on the ground laughing? Please feel free to share in the comments.







Inspiring our Cubs to Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle

This morning, Liam, Atticus, and I woke up well before the sun rose to spectate a local sprint triathlon in our neighborhood. Earlier in the week while on our way to the pool, I mentioned to Liam that there would be a race on Sunday and the competitors would swim, bike and run. As we drove my the lake, I told him the competitors would start the race by swimming across the lake. His face immediately gave way to both surprise and awe that people would swim in one of the neighborhood lakes rather than the pool. In fact, he expressed concern that an alligator might try to eat them as they were swimming. As I eased his concern, I suggested that we come out to watch the race so he could learn more about this sport.


We live in a beautiful neighborhood, so I knew it would be a great way to start our Sunday. More importantly though, I wanted him to see other people besides his parents leading a healthy lifestyle. Because fitness is so important to me, it is something I want my children to embrace as well. I don’t, however, want to be the pushy mom forcing them to participate in organized sports because they’re important to me. Liam recognizes the importance of eating healthy and thankfully is an incredible eater. While he does often make faces about the artichokes, brussel sprouts, or broccoli that might be on his dinner plate, he graciously consumes them without too many antics. It doesn’t hurt that he knows if he finishes all of his healthy bites he gets to conclude dinner with his absolute favorite part- dessert. Like I said in a previous post, everything in moderation is key.


In the last year and a half, Liam has taken swimming lessons, participated in a youth soccer league, and is currently enrolled in gymnastics. He’s still exploring athletic pursuits but there’s plenty of time for him to discover his passions and pursue them to the degree he feels is appropriate. I recognize his passions might also include artistic pursuits, which would be equally wonderful. I think as parents it’s important to plant these little seeds and give them ample opportunities to pursue their interests. Healthy living for us isn’t a macrobiotic diet with restrictions. It’s about understanding what a healthy lifestyle looks like. Racing to the mailbox, climbing trees with gusto, eating an assortment of fruits and vegetables, and drinking water are all small ways Liam has embraced healthy living with a healthy outlook.


Now that Atticus is 8 months old, I frequently push him around on morning runs if I can get out the door before it gets too hot. Even for an infant, I think it’s important to demonstrate the importance of fitness. Before long he’ll be chasing Liam and I to the mailbox or around the gravel track at the playground. I hope that like his older brother he recognizes that a healthy balance of physical activity and well-rounded food choices set the tone for a more positive quality of life in the long run.


We all only get one chance to live this life. Live it beautifully, share it with the ones you love, and take it one day at a time!

An Open Letter from one Mama Bear to Another

FullSizeRender (1)

Even before I became a mother, many of my friends dubbed me with the nickname, “Mama Bear”. I was the overly responsible friend always worrying about all of the minute details of everything around me. I have to admit that it’s a quality that has suited me well as a wife and mother, but my rigidity and constant aspirations for perfectionism can sometimes be downright exhausting.

I grew up in a loving home with a superhero of a mother. She kept company with other amazing mothers who over the years have all shaped the kind of woman, wife, and mother I try to be every day. Naturally, in my quest to be the mom who does it all, I often fall short. I know that as women we put an immense amount of pressure on ourselves to carry out all of life’s pursuits flawlessly. Sometimes though when the soufflé falls or the dishes get overlooked, we need to look at ourselves in the mirror and smile. What we often internalize as “epic fails” are typically just blips on the radar in all of the things we try to juggle every day with grace, poise, and love.

The intention of this blog is to candidly catalog the highs and lows of marriage and motherhood. So often women break one another down, but my hope is that through the power of our words and actions, we can come together and share our experiences. We each have something meaningful to say but don’t always feel like we have a platform to express ourselves. Please feel free to share your stories as long as you also practice kindness in your posts.

And with that, this Mama Bear will give you a firsthand look at my den and the cubs and Papa Bear that I share my time with. My journey as a mother first began in the summer of 2014 when I first met my husband, Sean, on He was a widower with a toddler so I quickly found myself courting the two of them. One loved red wine, binge watching Netflix shows, and playing basketball. The other loved chocolate milk, Octonauts, and playing with superheroes. It was a balancing act from the very beginning, but I gladly embraced my new role as both a partner and mother. My experiences as a classroom teacher and school counselor coupled with babysitting my friends’ children helped level the playing field some in my pursuit as a new mother. Resiliency and the support of everyone around me further balanced things out. On March 11, 2016, Sean and I exchanged vows with only Liam by our side to commemorate the love story that started and grew between the three of us. On our honeymoon, we discovered we had a cub on the way. We welcomed Atticus to our family on November 1, 2016. We fondly refer to the boys as Golden Bear and Baby Bear. This was my inspiration for the blog title and tagline.

Thank you for your interest in A Mama Bear & Her Cubs. I look forward to blogging about my life and sharing with my friends, family, and others who happen upon this blog. Until next time…